Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Coco Chanel


As a personal stylist, I help clients, say, for example, you, with fashion trends. More importantly, I help you become a better you, because if you’ve comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you project that. I work with within your budget, mixing high and low end pieces to pull together your signature look. I especially enjoy shopping your closet, intermixing and remixing to create outfits you may never have realized you had. That’s my job as the expert.

Wardrobe editing

What is it about closets at 6:30 in the morning? Is it the lighting? The carpool honking? They hide their treasures behind a facade of ‘just wore that’ and ‘is every suit I have dark gray?,’ behind ‘can’t today, too bloated,’ and ‘argh, forgot to get to the dry cleaner.’

My art is to lift that 6:30am veil for you, forever. I work with you to help you see your closet, your dresser drawers in a welcoming light. We go over winning combinations you haven’t noticed, find solutions for your problem days or appointments. Whether you have to renew your closet friendship for work, socializing, both, or some other special reason, I’m your fashion moderator. Let’s get you two to the table and work out those differences once and for all.

Personal shopping

I will be assisting helping you find the pieces to grow your wardrobe. Think of me your nanny, dentist have me on a retainer to ensure that your always on point and never have to worry. Having confidence knowing you can work the room with flare. Transitioning from sweats to the stilettos, lets get a crew together and have a fete to make sure your on trend but not tend. I won’t take your cool away. I want to have the basic pieces that will withstand the the test of time. You’ll be able to incorporate those trendy pieces to bring out your inner fashionista.

We can create this experience individually or with a group of your friends. This experience is specific to you, so email me or give me a call to plan yours.

Personal Styling

I do house calls. Really. I love them. I can see more in your closet than than you could if you bought another $500 worth of clothes. So I come to you to help you to style the pieces you already own — or we can always shop for more first too. You will never again have to second guess that shoe-handbag combo!

Virtual styling

Whatever your constraints—time or budget or maybe just that you don’t care what you’re wearing but someone who loves you (or pays you) does—I work with you on your terms. Using these handy tech apps, we can do a quick fix, build a DIY board, or a whole new you. You tell me—Skype, email, Snapchat, whatever makes you comfortable—then I turn your words into a look, and style to meet your needs.

Call me, text me, you choose the route, and let’s do this.

Photo of style appointment with Mia
Mia Collins Design staging for Under Armour 2017 spring catalogue


As a photo stylist I lend my expertise in managing and organizing photo shoots that involve editorial, commercial and catalogue styling; while dabbling in prop and food styling. Some of my work can been seen

  • Washington Post Express
  • Target
  • People Magazine
  • Vanity Fair
  • InStyle Wedding